Requiem No More.

Star Won't Die;;
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This is a community for anyone who has ever felt completely alone.
For anyone who has ever not known where to turn.
For anyone whose best friends lives hundreds of miles away.
This is a support group of sorts.
For anyone who's ever been sad.
For anyone who's ever been too afraid to ask for help.
Or have asked for help, and were accused of attention-seeking.
For anyone who's ever hurt and needs a friend to talk to.
We want to be there for you.
We will support each other.
Whether we need help now, or we've overcome and want to help others.
This is for anyone who has ever needed support and love.
Because sometimes the greatest love can come from a computer screen.

All new members must post an entry, stating their name, age, and the problems they're having/the problems they've overcome. Thank you.